• Are you aware of China’s steel price trends in March?
    Post time: Apr-24-2024

    In March, China's steel market generally showed a continuous downward trend. Affected by the lack of effective downstream demand and demand for delayed start and other factors, steel stocks continue to increase, steel prices continue to move down. Since entering April, s...Read more »

  • Difference between color coated steel coil and hot dip galvanized steel coil?
    Post time: Apr-22-2024

    I. Different areas of use Hot dipped galvalume steel coil is a steel sheet that is immersed in a molten zinc solution to form an alloy layer of zinc and steel matrix to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel sheet. Therefore, galvanized sheet...Read more »

  • China’s steel social stocks in early April
    Post time: Apr-19-2024

    In early April, the 21 cities of 5 major varieties of steel social inventory of 13.08 million tons, a decrease of 660,000 tons, down 4.8%, the rate of inventory decline to expand; than the beginning of this year, an increase of 5.79 million tons, up 79.4%; than the same ...Read more »

  • China’s key steel companies’ current period inventory rate slumped in February?
    Post time: Apr-17-2024

    In January-February, the country's crude steel output was 167.96 million tons, up 1.6% year-on-year, while steel production was 213.43 million tons, up 7.9% year-on-year. In February, the steel production of key steel enterprises included in the mon...Read more »

  • CSPI China Steel Price Index Weekly Report Early April
    Post time: Apr-15-2024

    In the week of April 1-April 7, China's steel price index continued to decline, the rate of decline narrowed, long steel price index, plate price index have declined. That week, the China Steel Price Index (CSPI) was 104.57 points, down 0.70 points ...Read more »

  • Steel social inventory situation in late March?
    Post time: Apr-12-2024

    Market Research Department, China Iron & Steel Industry Association In late March, the 21 cities of 5 major varieties of steel social inventory of 13.74 million tons, a decrease of 390,000 tons, down 2.8%, inventories continue to decline; than t...Read more »

  • China’s steel prices forecast for April, continue to fall or rebound?
    Post time: Apr-11-2024

    Into April, the policy continues to land, major projects funding in place, the gradual release of terminal demand and other factors under the joint influence of the domestic steel market are expected to run weakly, do not rule out the opportunity for a stage of rebound. ...Read more »

  • What is SS400 material?SS400 steel plate introduction, SS400 standard introduction.
    Post time: Apr-09-2024

    SS400 is a Japanese standard carbon structural steel plate, which implements JIS G3101 standard, equivalent to Q235B in the national standard. It is equivalent to China's national standard Q235B, with a tensile strength of 400MPa. Due to its moderate carbon content, it h...Read more »

  • China market steel price trend in February?
    Post time: Apr-07-2024

    China Association of the Iron and Steel Industry In February, China's steel market continued the end of January steel prices continued to fall trend. Before the Spring Festival, the steel market turnover is general, and steel prices steady downward;...Read more »

  • Indonesian customers visited the LISHENGDA company in April
    Post time: Apr-02-2024

    With the rapid development of the company, our overseas market is expanding, and with our own high-quality products and services, we have won the affirmation of overseas customers. Recently, Indonesian customers came to LISHENGDA company to visit and exchange ideas. The ...Read more »

  • What is cold rolled steel?
    Post time: Apr-01-2024

    Cold-rolled steel sheets and cold-rolled steel coils are made from hot-rolled steel coils, rolled at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature, including plates and coils. What is delivered into the sheet is called a steel plate, also known as a box or fla...Read more »

  • Steel social inventory situation in mid-March?
    Post time: Mar-29-2024

    In mid-March, China's 21 cities in five major varieties of steel social inventory of 14.13 million tons, a decrease of 90,000 tons, down 0.6%, inventory rose for 8 consecutive decades turned down; then the beginning of this year, an increase of 6.84 million tons, an incr...Read more »

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