• Cold Rolled Steel Coils Export Retrospect
    Post time: Sep-15-2023

    Looking back at the market in the first half of 2023, the overall fluctuation of the national average price of cold rolling is small, far less than in 2022, and the market shows a trend of "low peak season and low season". Can simply divide the first half of the market i...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-08-2023

    China’s hot-rolled coil exports are as follows: 1. In general, the export volume of China’s hot-rolled coils has shown an increasing trend in recent years. In 2019, China’s hot-rolled coil export volume reached 460,800 tons, an increase of 6.7% compared to 432,000 tons in 2018. ...Read more »

  • Iron and Steel Export Data in quarter 1 of 2023
    Post time: Apr-12-2023

    With the overcapacity of steel in China, the competition in the domestic steel market is intensifying. Not only is the price in China’s domestic market lower than that in the global market, but at the same time China’s steel exports are picking up. This article will analyze the steel ...Read more »

  • The Analysis of Hot Rolled Steel Coil Export
    Post time: Mar-31-2023

    In the past few years, the export trend of steel hot coil has shown a continuous growth trend. According to the data, from 2018 to 2020, the export volume of steel hot coils increased from 3,486,000 tons and 4,079,000 tons to 4,630,000 tons, an increase of 33.24%. Among them, the export volume in...Read more »

  • Purpose of tinplate and performance characteristics of tinplate
    Post time: Nov-18-2022

    Tinplate (commonly known as tinplate) refers to the steel plate with a thin layer of tin on its surface. Tinplate is made of low carbon steel into 2mm thick steel plate, which is processed by pickling, cold rolling, electrolytic cleaning, annealing, leveling and trimming...Read more »

  • What is Galvanized Steel Coil?
    Post time: Nov-01-2022

    Galvanized steel coil is a special type of steel coil used in a number of different applications within fabrication and manufacturing environments. Steel coil of any kind is flat stock that is thin enough to be rolled into a coil or wound into a continuous roll. It is al...Read more »

  • Color coating board corrosion prevention.
    Post time: Sep-07-2022

    What coating can do finish coat color besmear board is used after period of time, because be affected by all sorts of environmental factors, its besmear film property and service life can reduce, need to undertake repaint to its. The most basic requirements for the repai...Read more »

  • What are the differences between aluminized zinc sheets and stainless steel?
    Post time: Sep-07-2022

    The definition of the aluminized zinc sheet and stainless steel plate are different Aluminized zinc sheet thick steel plate means that in order to avoid corrosion of the surface of the thick steel plate and increase its service life, the surface of the thick steel plate ...Read more »

  • What is the difference between a flowered galvanized sheet and a non-flowered galvanized sheet of galvanized sheet?
    Post time: Sep-07-2022

    A customer told me in the past: What is the difference between a flower galvanized steel sheet and an unflowered galvanized steel sheet? Can you use a grassy galvanized steel coil instead of an unflowered galvanized steel coil? Today, I will tell everyone whether there a...Read more »

  • The main application difference between galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet
    Post time: Sep-07-2022

    Galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet The galvanized sheet is to avoid corrosion of the surface of the thick steel plate and increase its service life. The surface of the thick steel plate is coated with a layer of metallic zinc. This kind of galvanized cold rolled ...Read more »